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VINISSIMA – Women & Wine is the first and the only German association of women in the wine business.

In our association women with different professions in the wine industry i.e. wine producers, wine growers, oenologists, restaurant owners, merchants, sommeliers, journalists and marketing experts come together. All these backgrounds reflect a wide knowledge from various points of view, which makes it exciting to exchange ideas and to network.

In 2021 VINISSIMA will celebrate its 30th birthday. There are 600 members all over Germany but with priority in the wine growing regions. 12 regional groups exist today, each with an own speaker. They contribute to our program with their own regional events.

We present a wide program of continuing education for our members: that means trainings, seminars or workshops on different subjects and an excursion abroad.

Every year special »Vinissima Awards« and scholarships are given to women who i.e. finished the best »Diploma of wines and spirits« in the german division of the Wines and Spirits Education Trust (WSET). We also support young women in wine.

Our targets are:

  • care of wine and culture of wine
  • encouraging knowledge education about wine for women
  • encouraging equal rights of women promote cultural aspects of wine
  • care of environment
  • network for our members within Germany and abroad

For contact please write us a message to info@8< SPAM-Schutz, bitte entfernen >8vinissima-ev.de


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